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Reactive species


Our group designs, synthesizes and evaluates organic compounds that can produce reactive species in a spatiotemporally controlled manner as tools for biochemical and cell biological studies. Biological reactive species are produced during normal metabolism but elevated levels can cause irreparable damage to cells.

Recent Publications

Latest News

  • T. Anand moved to John Hopkins University, Baltimore, Maryland for his post doctoral research. Congratulations Dr. Anand and all the best for your future endeavors. 
  • Our latest research work is published in Chem Comm. Congratulations Dr. Laxman and Dr. T Anand.
  • Vartika John has joined our lab for her Ph.D. journey. Welcome Vartika. 
  • Happy to share about our latest exciting therapeutics research preprint available in bioRxiv. 
  • Laxman has successfully defended his Ph.D. thesis. Congratulations Dr. Laxman.
  • Shayandeep and Mahima have joined for their MS project in our lab. Welcome Shayandeep and Mahima.
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