Our group designs, synthesizes and evaluates organic compounds that can produce reactive species in a spatiotemporally controlled manner as tools for biochemical and cell biological studies. Biological reactive species are produced during normal metabolism but elevated levels can cause irreparable damage to cells.

Recent Publications


Carbonyl Sulfide (COS) Donor Induced Protein Persulfidation Protects against Oxidative Stress


Chemoproteomics of an Indole-Based Quinone Epoxide Identifies Druggable Vulnerabilities in Vancomycin- Resistant

 Staphylococcus aureus

Latest News

  • Hari has been selected for the DBT-S. Ramachandran-National Bioscience Award for Career development for 2020-21. Congratulations! (Link)
  • Welcome Jishnu, Manjima and Vruta who will join our lab to do their fifth year research project.
  • Subhayan Charkaraborty has sucessfully defended his MS thesis. Congratulations!
  • Amal SK has successfully defended his MS thesis. Congratulations!
  • Hari is now a Professor!
  • Hari has been selected for the Chemical Research Society of India Bronze Medal for 2021. Congratulations!
  • Amogh Kulkarni moves to the Yimon Aye Lab at EPFL, Switzerland. Best wishes Amogh!
  • Amogh Kulkarni has successfully defended his PhD thesis. Congratulations Dr. Kulkarni!
  • Preeti Chauhan has successfully defended her PhD thesis. Congratulations Dr. Chauhan!